My Essential Travel Make Up

As a compulsive traveller who prefers light luggage, make up has never been a priority. But as a young woman, I like to add in my bag a bunch of essential products that I can use for a casual look. Here you will find my essential travel product that i bring wherever I am.

Eau des Jardins, Clarins: a fresh and fruity frangrance for a spring or summer look ! Definitely my favorite fragrance ever, this perfume reminds me fresh flowers and juicy fruits’ smells.

Elite Professionnal Cream Concealer: a must have to cover small blemishes and correct uneven skin tone.

ELLE Mon Blush/ Blush Powder (n°2): a very nice peachy color and a good alternative to bronzers for very fair skins

Rimmel Stay Matte Power: a very light powder for a natural make up which perfectly does it job

Maybelline New York The Rocket Volume Express: apparently a hit on the web among beauty Youtubers and bloggers, a good mascara for long and voluminous lashes in few seconds

NYX Butter lipstick: an unexpensive way to colour and mosturize your lips. A large range of colours is available from the nude to the most flashy ones.

Maybelline Age Eraser eye concealer: to forget the « panda eye » look in the morning. With its very handy system, it avoids you to brings a dozen of brush and applies the perfect amount of product.

Kiko Creamy Eye Pencil: bought it for few euros a long time ago, a good price for a good result.


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